Artist Statement

Shay Salehi is a Toronto based artist utilizing interdisciplinary sculpture and installation to explore cycles within the human condition.

My practice has been an observation and exploration of the systems, patterns and processes that inhabit everyday space. As a first gen. Canadian artist I find myself interested in the intersection between cycles, culture and the socioeconomic climate. Through research and installations I investigate belief systems, how we chose to question the validity of this framework and how we can find paths towards change. My work can be described as mixed media, sometimes playing with kinetic elements, video, light, sound, scent and space.

In my installations, cycles or patterns emerge, either by the self-defeat built into the object or through the cyclical nature of the work. These cycles are the core of my work, by not only analyzing and trying to breakdown what routine or cyclical patterns are, but by also navigating through it’s own struggle as well. I have referred to these projects as “self defeating”, as there is something within the work’s inherent nature that does not allow the piece to achieve an end.

In 2020, Shay received a BFA from the Ontario College of Artand Design (OCADU) in Sculpture and Installation.. Previous to OCADU, Shaystudied glasswork at Sheridan College (2011-2014), and continues to makesculptural glasswork.

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